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Hello world!

November 2009 For more information about Oregon’s new Dari Rulai:


Att: Jane A.


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Congratulations on your new Shrine and new site! What a wonderful blessing to our world. I look forward to hearing more about Living Buddha Dechan Jueren and his teachings. Thank you for your willingness to give us access to his wisdom.

    much peace and high regard, Charlotte

    • Thanks Charlotte~ I am looking forward to finishing up the Master’s book of Teachings that
      I have been working on for many years…. (For everyone reading this, Charlotte is currently
      located at the LA temple, working hard to help Dan, the Abbot, and of course, the Master when
      he is in town. Many of us have done that service there for many years, and it is a
      special blessing to be able to take care of that awesome Main healing temple,
      conducting and participating in the Dharma rites, healing sessions, etc. …) Not only that,
      Charlotte also was in China for a stint to learn the Chinese language, so it’s her asset that
      she can speak (translate) to the Master for his English-speaking students and visitors.
      Thank you Charlotte! ~Jane

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