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New Dari Rulai Shrine in Oregon

Today is an Auspicious Day (November 9, 2009), when your positive efforts are magnified 10 million times, so officially opening the Ashland-area Dari Rulai Shrine today brings much happiness to Oregon!! The Dari Rulai Temple (in Los Angeles) is the U.S. headquarters and main Temple & Altar for Living Buddha, Master Yu Tien Jien (Dechan Jueren).

Dechan Jueren holds the complete teachings of the Mahavairocana Buddha (passed down by Nagarajuna Boddhisattva to Vajraboddhi, Subbakarasimba, and Amoghavajra.) He is the 49th Master/Lineage Bearer of the Hanmi Esoteric Lineage, and in 2008, the Master also added to his world responsibilities by becoming the new Master and Lineage Holder of the Linji Chan Zen School (the most authentic and recognized Zen lineage in China). This title was passed on to Dechan Jueren by 105-year old Grandmaster Fozhi. You can watch this ceremony on:

Having a Shrine here in Oregon brings an opportunity for sentient beings in the area to gather and pray, meditate, and learn more about the healing powers of mantras. In addition, workshops and empowerments will be given in the future to learn the great Medicine Buddha Dharma. It will be taught by qualified practitioners (empowered to transmit) this awesome, esoteric healing practice that focuses on purifying your body, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat.   The Medicine Buddha Dharma mantra system can help you and others immensely.

I plan to be organizing a large event in the future in Ashland, Oregon, to bring Living Buddha Dechan Jueren to Oregon. We are honored to have the Master coming to our are ~  he is a highly esteemed Dharma King, and it is a special destiny to receive his transmissions of healing, blessings, and/or empowerments in person.

Blessings, Jane


2 Responses to “New Dari Rulai Shrine in Oregon”

  1. Congratulations Jane! Best wishes to you and good luck for a new beginning and a bright future!

    • Thanks Dan. (For everyone reading this, Dan Kendall is the Abbot of the Los Angeles temple
      and a longtime friend.) Hoping you and others will come visit the Pacific Northwest, and
      conduct some of the Medicine Buddha Dharma workshops up here…. Blessings, Jane

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