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Highlighting the Golden Crown Dharma King, Living Buddha Dechan Jueren

In Memory of Dechan Jueren~ Wishing You a Happy New Year

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren Meditating

The Golden Enlightener, Master Yu Tian Jian

Tonight the Temple in Los Angeles held a 1000 Candle DharmaRite for the Chinese New Year…

Many of us joined in on Skype and did the Sanskrit Mantras for the rite to rid one’s life of disasters and to bring in the Goodness and the Light for the New Year….

I have attended many of these 1000 Candle ceremonies over the years.  They are so pretty, and also the public attends and participates by lighting individual candles for blessings for their families and friends. 

It was moving to me to be connected via Skype with the inside of the temple, knowing Master’s relics are now there in the crystal stupa.  His Presence is definitely felt…

For the New Year, here’s a story of a day I had with Master:

Master was doing a workshop gathering outdoors in LA at a woman’s home in the country.  Master was speaking outside in the beautiful lawn with a light wind blowing through lush trees.  He was speaking about how important it is to get into the natural rhythms of nature, to be at ease and in grace, but mostly to let go and become one with nature, and to recognzie that there is a rhythm of the Universe.  At that point, I could see the trees moving in a different way in the wind:  it just seemed magical, animated, all in the higher consciousness Master was emitting..  It all seemed to be communicating exactly what he was discussing.  Later in the day, the woman who owned the land took us for a walk.  We stopped under a fig tree, and she told Master that it had not bloomed or produced fruit for over 10 years,  Master told her within a couple of days he would help it to blossom.  We came back the next day, and it was blossoming. 




I hope you enjoy your new year… We are all still doing daily Dharma Rites, via Skype with the
Los Angeles temple for our beloved Master until February 18th, which will conclude the 49-day rite.

Blessings to you all~


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